Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A View From The Top

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Rat Race! Yes that is what it is called...Now a days, every article about busy life in metro cities is incomplete without the mention of the word rat race. We mention it as if it is an inevitable verb, something we cannot do anything about and something we all have surrendered to...

I wake up and till the moment I sleep, my mind constantly keeps on worrying , multi-tasking, sorting, prioratizing and worrying some more. When I complain about this to people, their responses are pretty standard. "This is the reality of life" or " what else do you expect from life in Mumbai" etc. But no one has a solution, or no one can really say they "know" exactly what needs to be done to escape from it. 

And trust me , if you are part of a rat race, no matter how much you try to bring some empty space in your life and some balance, you are always defeated by the fast pace of the race.
Moments like these, make me wonder whether I consciously signed up for such life. 
The answer is yes, I did. But then why is it that the fascination and enigma of a "I am busy because I am important" fades away? Why is it that you realise that the fun of mad rush is fun only untill you do not realise the emptiness in your life?

One question is , what do you do to still keep yourself alive in the rat race. Should you be like a machine or should you try to find creative ways in which you can steal some moments for your self. The answer is never easy., and I bet no one has found the exact answer yet! 

But I think it is still a great achievement if you realise the true state of your life. If you realise that you are part of rat race, a race that will only take you to a finish line but won't let you enjoy the journey, maybe that can begin a new thought process..

Then, maybe someday, you can learn to steal some moments from your life and look at the view from the top....look at the other people rushing through the fast lane...and just simply stare and enjoy the moment.


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