Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Don’t we all have such moments?

I stand on the edge of right and wrong, wondering what really defines these words. I mean what is right for me can be wrong for you. What is wrong for me can be your right. Who defines these things for me? And if I am the decider then that’s great because I can twist and turn the words the way I want, I can label my deeds as right or wrong as per my convenience, right? After all, who is going to watch me? Who is going to stop me?

With my arrogance, I take a step ahead. I sink into the sin. I come up and float on shallow waters. I fool the world and prove my innocence. The world nods and lets me go. I return to the shore. I am not afraid to look behind, because I know I have won the toughest battle.

As I sit alone, basking in my glory, I realize that while I was busy in fooling the world, I forgot to fool my soul.

My soul which shadows me wherever I go, which feels things even before it strikes my mind.

My soul that defines me. My soul which will carry these scars forever.

- Amruta

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