Friday, May 6, 2011

Thoda Hai , Thode Ki Jaroorat Hai...

As I hum these lines, I am reminded of the desire that we all have... the desire to wish for a 'little bit more', a 'few extra things' in life. I can recollect that how in our daily lives we tend to feel that just a little bit more will give us more satisfaction. For example, when we order a pizza or a sandwich we particularly ask for 'extra cheese'; Pani Puri or Chaat is always followed by a free Masala Puri; buying vegetables is incomplete if we do not get that extra bit of discount etc. Market around is full of such deals that offer 'more' than the competitor, be it deals on electronic gadgets such as mobile phones, television or even groceries. Remember Shah Rukh Khan's advertisement ? 'Thoda Aur Wish Karo, Dish Karo'? I think in today's competitive world, almost everything except poison has some extra offer attached to it !

This desire present in most of us is not only ignited when we are buying 'things', but also when we are dealing with personal and professional relationships. No matter how much salary hike we receive, somewhere we feel that we deserved more and things could have been better with that extra bit of cash. On personal front, no matter how much a person loves us, we feel that we are entitled to more love and affection.

But has this desire to always wish for more gets us into trouble? Or is it something that aspires us to keep us on our toes, look for better things in life and most importantly stay away from complacency?

Hold on to that thought....and don't scroll down, I have nothing 'more' to offer in this post..


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  1. always "APT"...just too good...this post is very "short" but still very "precise"...