Friday, October 29, 2010

Room For Regrets

Do I have any regrets in life so far? I asked myself. I couldn't lie...YES my heart shouted out loud. But I know this is not the case with everyone.I have seen numerous chat shows where the host asks the guests if they have any regrets about life, most of the guests confidently respond negatively. Autobiographies of leaders, professionals and achievers reinstate the face that having regrets in life is a sign of weakness, it's a sign of undetermined mind or it is simply not respecting the course your life has taken. I look at such people with awe and curiosity in my eyes. I wonder "are these people really honest, or are they lying?". I don't know- they seem confident that every action , every decision they took in their life was correct even though they failed or faced problems. They show it to the world that they have realized that everything that happened or they did has some 'higher purpose' and 'meaning' attached to it.Even all of their wrongdoings taught them something and hence there is no room for regrets.
But doesn't it sound unreal?
Why is that having regrets is regarded as a sign of weakness so much so that when you honestly admit your regrets it is considered naive and politically incorrect?
Let me admit today , that I DO have regrets : plenty of them !
I love my regrets...I love them totally!
Every single regret of mine, every single afterthought has taught me more about myself. I now know what is my thought process, how do I make decisions and what are my pre-conceived notions. Every time I open the chapter of regrets in my life I can reflect back on my mistakes.Realizing my regrets has helped me to make a mental note of things that I should be careful about in present and future.
No matter what we say to the world, there are certain things that haunt us when we reflect back on our good and bad times...
There is definitely a special room for regrets in our lives- but its tucked away in the far end of our heart, it's path visible only to ourselves.

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